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We offer a wide set of services and always interested in new opportunities. If you don't see what you are looking for and it is related to Custom Framing, give us a call and we can discuss if something we would be willing to pursue. 

Here is a general list (mostly complete) of our current services we offer:​

  • Traditional custom picture framing (with pre-finished moulding)

  • Handcrafted moulding using domestic and exotic hardwoods (and softwoods)

  • Partial custom framing, just the components you need

  • Picture and mirror repairs (failed joints, dust cover replacement, glass replacement, etc.)

  • Full support of "Bring Your Own Materials" to help keep costs low - frame, glazing (glass or acrylic), matting or other supplies

  • Frame resizing/joining: See a frame at a thrift store or estate sale you like? We can resize it

  • Preservation, Conservation and Economy framing options, we consider ourselves pragmatic framers

  • Free quotes and estimates, many can be done over the phone or in email

  • Float frames

  • Circle and oval mats

  • Fabric covered mats

  • Complex/multiple window mats, although we do not have a Computerized Mat Cutter/CMC, so we will have some limitations here

  • Oversize pictures (mat cutting size is limited to 48" on any dimension)

  • We sell any raw materials and cut if needed (glass, mat, moulding, supplies, etc.)

  • Picture shipping services (up to a point, we do not do wood crating/freight, but most pictures that can ship through USPS, UPS or Fedex, we can securely pack them for shipping and ship it for you if you want

  • Rush orders, provided we have all the materials, we have been known to turn around orders in 1 day

  • Partner with photographers, artists and interior designers (locally and across the USA, create a frame unique to your "brand"

  • We do have some art (pop-culture, automotive, and things we just like) for sale or available for purchase (framing optional)

  • Insured for "items in trust" (proof of value required)

  • We will teach you how to do any step of the process, just ask (cost of materials only)!

  • Probably more...but this is my initial brain dump.

Some other areas we have planned for the next 12-24 months (sooner if someone requests it):

  • Epoxy inlay handcrafted moulding

  • Canvas stretching

  • Canvas Strip-lining (expanding the size of an unstretched canvas so it can be stretched)

  • Laser engraving: In-house metal/wood plates or directly on the frame

  • Linen backing posters

  • High resolution printing (artwork and photography)

  • French mats

  • Display acrylic boxes

What do we not do?

  • Well, to start with, our shop does not have a bathroom

  • Freehand/complex designs for mats (which would require a Computerized Mat Cutter/CMC)

  • Try to "upsell" you - we will give you likely a price which will be hard to match with exceptional quality regardless of the value or how much you are, I can't guarantee it matches your budget or expectations...

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