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About the business, SecondMoonshot

SecondMoonshot is a low-volume custom framing shop based out of
Wake Forest/Rolesville, North Carolina.  Although the company's roots

in the online re-seller domain, SecondMoonshot's primary venture today

is in custom framing. 

SecondMoonshot is a small, local business -- with an official company size of 1 employee (not counting a few familial freelance helping hands now and again).

As a low-volume framer, every order receives the full attention of SecondMoonshot.  Each order is reviewed by John personally, and he's available to consult on design recommendations.

Take a look at some of SecondMoonshot's core company values:

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About the owner, John

John Leschak is a self-taught, independent framer based in the
Wake Forest/Rolesville, NC area.  He began his custom framing journey in 2021.  
How did he start that journey, you ask?

After working in healthcare IT and software development for what felt like 300
years, John made the easy decision to retire from the 9-5 life in 2021.  Then,
after about a week of retired life, he realized he needed something to do with
his newfound free time.


John started venturing to local estate stales and auctions.  He dabbled in re-selling some scavenged items on eBay.  Among other things, he began to come across unique paintings, illustrations, and other artwork. However, too often the artwork wasn't displayed or preserved at its full potential -- broken frames, cracked glass, and mats yellowed from time took away from otherwise interesting artwork. And sometimes, items weren't framed at all.


John, a problem-solver, said to himself, "What can I do about this?" 

He happened upon a coupon for 80%-off custom framing for the local arts and crafts store.  He thought to himself, "80% off? What a great deal! This oughta be a steal."  It was not.  Not only was he shocked at the overall cost of custom framing (before and after this 80% deal), he wasn't all that impressed with the quality of the end product.  He vowed never to do that again.  Instead, he thought, "Maybe I can do this myself."

From that point forward, he slowly started amassing equipment for framing -- much of it acquired second-hand via auctions or framers retiring from the craft.  And, he started researching and experimenting.  A lot of experimenting.  He still experiments now when a new challenge presents itself, or if he believes a better solution might be found for a problem at hand.  He's a firm believer that experimentation is key to innovation. 

John has the full support of his family in advancing his framing passion, whether it's in the form of receiving special requests for framing from friends & family, brainstorming innovative ways to move SecondMoonshot forward, and/or in incubating graphic & web design ideas for the business.  He sincerely appreciates the effort and support of Zabrina, Carrie, Faith, & Ali in his work.

Today, John has a few years of practice under his belt.  He makes no claim of being an expert after only a few years.  However, he will guarantee that you're satisfied at the end of the day.  His philosophy as a business owner is pretty simple:  Create a high quality product at a reasonable price.  John's happy when his customers are happy.

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