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A: SecondMoonshot has insurance to cover "Items in Trust" for up to $20,000. Additional insurance is available for any items which exceeds the maximum. Please note that you must have a recent appraisal by a reputable firm for any claims.


A: This is probably a framer's worst nightmare. Any damage due to an accident during the framing process or mishandling is the responsibility of SecondMoonshot and not covered by insurance. While we take every measure to protect the object being framed during the process and handle as little as possible, unforeseen events can occur.  We have no issue confessing accountability to a mistake or accidental issue and will work with you should this occur to rectify or compensate. During the quoting process, we will document an agreed upon value and document if any item is irreplaceable. 

A: Generally the time to complete comes down to backlog of work, materials availability, and complexity of the job. Given that we are a low-volume production shop, let's set the backlog aside for now. If you pick moulding, mat boards, and glazing (glass) which we have in stock, your framing job should be completed within 2-3 days. Any special order mats, moulding, or glazing/glass) could add an additional 2-3 business days. If there is a high level of complexity to the job (such as object mounting, fabrication of work product, etc), 10-14 days might be expected. If needed, we can complete a job in as little as 1 day upon request provided you select materials which we have in stock (and with no "rush charge"). These are general guidelines, and there may be exceptions. If you request a quote from us, we will provide an estimated turnaround for your order along with your pricing estimate/quote. If there is anything that will notably impact the expected turnaround of your order, it will be communicated to you at that time.


A: SecondMoonshot is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you should feel comfortable bringing any concerns to our attention.  Our priority will always be to address any issues with workmanship or material defects at no additional cost to you. If there was a difference in expectations, we will work with you to resolve. In the case of any concerns, we prefer to focus the conversation constructively on solutions, as opposed to pointing fingers.

In the event we are unable to offer a solution that addresses your concerns, you always have the option to return the materials you have purchased from SecondMoonshot in order to receive a full refund.


A: Custom framing can certainly get to be expensive, but there are some things we can do to control costs.


  1. The moulding is most often the most significant cost of the overall framing job; we have a large selection of in-stock moulding which we acquired at a low price and can pass that savings on to you.  We also have a limited supply of previously owned frames which we can resize for a minimal cost plus standard joining charge (or even reuse / resize a frame you bring in). The in-stock selection will not be as wide as offered by larger retail frame stores, but we do have quick access to a wide set of options.

  2. Glazing (glass) costs can vary significantly. We always have a large supply of new glass as well as recovered glass that we clean and select the best pieces (i.e. no scratches, nice shine, etc) and offer these to customers as a cost reduction alternative.  These are available in regular/clear glass, non-reflective and 99% UV. Once you get into plexiglass/acrylic and museum quality materials, the prices can get significantly higher. 

  3. Matting is another area which can vary significantly, but mostly for specialty finishes. The main difference will be mat board that we acquired at a low price and can pass the savings on to you. The selection will not be as wide as offered by frame suppliers. Also, double or triple mats essentially double or triple the mat costs, so simplicity could be a cost saver and we can help with some design choices which still create an attractive piece. We do NOT have a CMC (Computerized Mat Cutter, so we are limited to lines, circles and ovals.

  4. Bring your own materials. This may sound crazy...but, maybe you have a large frame with an attractive moulding that you think would look good on a smaller picture; we can resize it for standard joining charge. Also, perhaps you would like a fabric colored mat, but fabric can be expensive (i.e. $50/yard is not uncommon). You can find some fabric you like or may even have and we can see if it is appropriate to use for matting. Also, colored core mat boards have a premium cost associated to them and we can alternatively look to paint the inside bevels giving a similar effect (or better!). 


A: Beyond custom framing, we also offer:

  • Custom framing of art, viny records, posters, prints, photos, jerseys, needlepoint and more.

  • Made-to-Order Album/Record and Comic Book frames which are based off a standard design foundation but allow the selection of moulding, glazing (glass), and mat board. 

  • Vintage Ad custom framed. We generally find ads we like off of sites such as eBay and create some stunning matting to present and preserve these ads. We have done a number of these and can be cost effective and yield a dramatic result. While we focus on 1980's era culture (cars and music), we can pretty much delve into any area of interest.

  • Glass and mirror cutting. Bring your own glass or mirror, pull from our recovered glass or we can also provide new glass in many finishes and quality levels (standard, non-reflective, conservation/UV, museum). 

  • Mat board cutting and opening cutting. You can bring your own mat board, select from my inventory, or we can order pretty much anything offered from Crescent. We do not have a Computerized Mat Cutter (CMC) and do all mat cuts by anything beyond straight lines, circles and ovals you will need to source elsewhere.

  • Pack and Ship your art work. We are highly skilled packers and shippers of artwork and can safely get your own framed piece shipped globally. 

  • Anything else that we have the tooling and skills to do, just ask.


A: To keep overhead low, we do not have a retail store front (Brick-and-Mortar). We have a design area at The Makery in Wake Forest, NC and have a warehouse located in Rolesville, NC with all samples available to design your custom framing project. 

While no appointment is necessary, we do ask that you call or text 30 minutes before arrival.

You can visit us at 100-B N Main St, Rolesville, NC 27571. Maps GPS may take you to E. Young St but stay on N Main St and turn in front of orange Taqueria Universal food truck and go straight back through orange cones. A white Nissan Xterra should be in front of the building; you can part next to it or any available spot.

Text me with your ETA at 919-520-2577 30 minutes prior to estimated arrival.

A: SecondMoonshot does not have a traditional retail brick-and-mortar store front, although we do have a shop for custom frame design sessions and to drop off and pickup orders. We are normally there from 8am to 5pm daily Monday - Saturday with lunch between 12pm and 1pm.

An appointment is not required but recommended, simply just text me with your ETA at 919-520-2577 30 minutes prior to estimated arrival.

A: Yes, this is a common thing we do. In the Contacts page, you will find the mailing address to be used. You can send us your art work or even buy elsewhere and have it shipped directly to us for framing. You should send an email to so that we can expect it and contact you upon arrival. Include full name, email and cell phone number. When it arrives, I will review to ensure no damage and reach out to you for design selections. 

We are highly skilled packers and shippers of artwork and can get it to you safely, even works as large as 30" x 40". 

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